#9. Dating Without Physical Intimacy

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. State values & boundaries up front
  2. Give options of things to do
  3. Re-establish remind as needed


Think About This First

  •  One P.O.P! member came up with this topic of conversation because dating and physical intimacy was something that was very immediate in their life. They said that what they needed were more opportunities to think about ways they could continue dating while still upholding their religious values.


Having the Conversation


Start Here:

If you wanted to be in a relationship but not have sex or be physically intimate, at what point would you want to bring up your values about this?

What would you want the other person to say in response?

If your partner had these concerns, how and when would you want them to bring it up?

What would be the benefits to bringing up your needs and wants early on in the relationship?

What might be drawbacks to bringing up your needs and wants early on in the relationship?



If your partner agrees to avoid physical intimacy with you, what are things you could do in your relationship to avoid physical intimacy or sex?

What are some options for activities you could do together?

What are some options for places you could go on dates?

What other ideas would you have for a situation like this?

Are there certain things you would want to avoid?


Keep Talking:

What would you do if you were alone with your partner and things were moving toward intimacy or sex?

What are ways you could re-establish your values and get back to being not intimate?

What things would you say? What things would you do? How do you think this would work? 

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