100 Conversations - Promoting Respect,

Consent, and Healthy Relationships both On- and Off-Line.


100 Conversations was created to help us all have “the talk.” It’s easier than you think. You will have one hundred conversations with your friends or family anyway, so why not make them count? 

 We worked in partnership with young people in King County to highlight conversation topics, techniques, and ideas that can make a real difference. Browse through these conversations and see what works for you.


How 100 Conversations was born

This campaign came from our work with young people around digital safety and sexual assault prevention. The biggest thing that young people told us in focus groups and individual meetings is that they see a lack of knowledge about sex as one of the main root causes of sexual assault. The trouble is, we live in a society where parents are expected to have "the talk" with their kids, and we know that just one "talk" will not encompass everything young people need to know about sex. While discussing this frustrating fact in one of our meetings with the P.O.P! group, one of us blurted out: "It's not enough to talk to your kids once about sex. You need to have, probably, one hundred conversations with them to really make a difference!" and our campaign, 100 Conversations, was born.