About P.O.P!


From 2010 until 2013, KCSARC worked with a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning (LGBTQ) and allied young people (P.O.P! The Power of Prevention) who promote equality, safety, and respect in both real life and within the digital realm. This project aimed to decrease sexual violence among LGBTQ and allied youth by increasing youth empowerment and leadership and utilizing digital technology.



P.O.P! reached out to other young people in their communities by incorporating social media, video, written material, and face-to-face conversations. Their goal was to create healthier communities and end sexual assault by dispelling myths, encouraging positive attitudes and behaviors, and increasing access to resources like KCSARC.


P.O.P! member Monica said, “I think it's important that youth bring awareness to healthy sexuality and ways to prevent sexual assault. I've never been a part of a group quite like P.O.P! I think it's different because its about a more tender subject that you don't see a lot of youth groups about.”

You can follow the P.O.P! group's Facebook page .



Some things P.O.P! has done…

  • presented at the annual Interfaith Symposium in King County
  • created and distributed 2000 wallet-sized cards detailing WA state age of consent laws
  • reached over 10,000 people with messages about digital safety, consent, and sexual assault prevention
  • presented about our work at the 2012 National Sexual Assault Conference
  • created and distributed 2000 stickers with information about consent and held a photo booth at local Pride events to promote consent