What Can You Do?


We all want to increase our online safety and the safety of those we care about – so what are the things we can do that will be effective?


1. Talk to Each Other!


We know it’s not a simple answer, or a checklist you can finish and be done with, but communication really is the best way to increase safety, security, and resiliency – on and off-line. 100 Conversations was created to help all of us have the conversations that are so important, and can be used by young people, parents, and service providers who work with young people. Check it out and let us know what you think!


2. Create an Internet Use Plan… Together

An internet use plan is a document of agreement regarding internet use. This could be another fancy way of saying “talk to each other,” but the act of creating an internet use plan focuses the conversation and helps give a structure to the conversation. In discussing what is okay and not okay, the opportunity arises to discuss values, opinions, and ideas. Additionally, when a plan like this is created together, it is more likely to be respected. is a link to a sample plan, but feel free to create your own!


3. Share What You Know

As much as we all care about digital safety, the problems that exist within online technology are just a symptom of the larger problem of sexual assault in our communities. Help be part of the solution by using the content on this site and sharing it with people you know! Our Age of Consent card contains important information for young people in your life, and 100 Conversations can be used by anyone to increase the quality of conversations they are having about safety.



4. Take a Quiz!


Here is a fun quiz we ceated to find out your consent style.