#69. Sexual Assault in the News

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Name a “current event” that happened involving sexual assault
  2. Share their views about how the media is covering the event/story
  3. Name three ways in which victim-blaming is taking place within media coverage


Think About This First

  •  This conversation can be sparked when a sexual assault-related topic is on the news or in the media. 


Having the Conversation


Start Here:

Did you hear about the rape/sexual assault that happened __________? 

Do you think the media is telling the story accurately or are they missing certain points that you think should be covered? 

What have been some of the things that you would share to the public if you were in charge of the media coverage?  Why are those things important? 



Why does the media always report about stranger rape when most of the rape that happens involves someone the victim knows?

Why don’t they ever report the more common occurrences?


Keep Talking:

When you hear about sexual assault, what do you hear?

What are the things that people always say?

Why are the tips to prevent being assaulted always focused on the potential victims?


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