#42. Laws About Consent

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Know that WA state age of consent is 16, with caveats
  2. Know  that WA state has laws that affect people under 11 and until they are                           adults – different tiers of what is okay
  3. Know that it’s important to follow our state’s age of consent laws


Think About This First

  • The laws in Washington State regarding sexual contact are nuanced and have conditions for different age ranges
  • This card was created by P.O.P! members and has good information about our state's laws

Having the Conversation


Start here:

Let’s look at this card - it talks about the laws in Washington State around young people and sexual contact.

Did you know these legal limits? What did you think they were?  



Do you have more questions after reading this? Maybe we can find out together.

From what I can understand, the law really depends on the age you are and the person you are dating or having contact with. Why do you think there are these differences between the ages? Why are the younger ages more close together and the older ages further apart?


Keep Talking:  

Why do you think the law is written this way? Do you think it’s important to follow the law about this? Why or why not? Does the law make sense to you? What would happen if you broke this law? Why would that be a big deal?

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