#95 Risky Online Behavior 

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. ability to take a quiz about online behavior
  2. ability to discuss quiz results
  3. ability to name things they will do differently in the future



Think About This First

    •  QUIZ IS COMING SOON! If you want to have this conversation right away, read this interview with David Finkelhor about internet safety to help begin the conversation and skip the "Start here" questions.


    Having the Conversation


    Start here:

    Have you seen this quiz about how people use online technology?

    How about we both take it and then compare?

      Did anything on the quiz surprise you?

      What did you think about your results?

      Was it what you thought you’d get?

      What do you think about my results?



      Have you heard about these things before in terms of being risky?

      What do you usually hear about?

      Are these really different or similar?

      Do they make sense?

      Why would these things be included in an assessment of safety?

      Who do they focus on?

      Who do they not focus on?

      What did you learn from this that you didn’t know before?

      Here’s what I learned.


      Keep Talking:

      Are there things you will do differently after this quiz?

      Do you think having a perfect score on something like this is important?

      Why or why not?

      Are there easy changes to make?

      What do you think I should focus on?

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