#93 Text Etiquette

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. say what feels like an okay amount of texting to do with a friend/sweetie
  2. say what feels okay to send in photos
  3. understand that different people have different expectations of text - can express theirs and talk with friend/sweetie



Think About This First

  • What is an ideal amount of texts to send and receive each day? Does your text plan make a difference? Do you keep track of who sends more texts? Does that matter?



Having the Conversation


Start here:

Are there ever times when you think it’s not okay to text someone? (like in the bathroom or at family dinner, etc)

What kinds of photos do you usually send over text?

What is cool about being able to send photos?

Do you ever send photos of yourself?

Do you ever ask them to send photos of themselves?



Have you ever been in the situation when a friend or partner is texting you a lot more or a lot less than you?

How did you deal with that?

Is there a certain pressure to send texts?


Keep Talking:  

How long is it okay to wait to reply to a text?

What do you think?

How do you express how often you want to text to a friend or partner?

How do you talk about what you expect or need regarding texting?

How do you feel when someone texts you a lot?

How about when they consistently ignore texts?

How would texting constantly or ignoring texts be used to control someone?

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