#91 Selecting Usernames 

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. ability to say what they want to express about themselves via username
  2. ability to name the different places they would use a username
  3. ability to name options for choosing usernames
  4. ability to name who would see their usernames and when they would want them to look different/sound different/express different things



Think About This First

  • How do you usually pick a username? Do you pick different usernames for different services, or keep the same one?



Having the Conversation


Start here:

What are you usually trying to convey in a username?

Do you think that this comes through?



Which services require a username?

Do you make your usernames different depending on if it’s for school or work?

What is the difference?

Why do you have it different or the same?


Keep Talking:  

What things make a username/email address noticeable?

Do you think certain things are okay to include or not include?

What kinds of usernames/email addresses would a parent or boss potentially disapprove of?

Is this different with usernames your friends will see?


What are some of the best usernames/emails you have seen?

What made them good?

What ideas do you have for choosing future usernames/emails?

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