#89 Impacts of Media

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Say what types of media they frequently encounter
  1. Think back on recent decisions/purchases and name if the media influenced and how
  2. Say what role they would like media to play in their life decisions


Think About This First


Having the Conversation


Start Here:

If you think of all the media that is out there, which kinds of media do you think you encounter most?

Do you think that’s different than what I encounter?

What kinds of things do you think the media is trying to influence in peoples’ lives?

Is it just about what kinds of things you buy, or is there more to it?



If you think back on things that you’ve purchased recently, or decisions you’ve made recently, has the media influenced any of these decisions?

I’m wondering if hearing a song or seeing a commercial would impact you. I sometimes find out about new things through commercials - do you?

What kinds of things do you usually hear ads for?


Keep Talking:

What are the ways you feel okay being influenced by the media?

Are there ways that the media influences people that you feel is harmful?

What could someone do if they didn’t want to be affected so much by the media?

Is it possible to escape from the media?

What are ways you don’t want the media to influence you?

What about how media talks about how people should look, or how people should treat each other?

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