#83 Media Portrayals

This Conversation Will Help You…


1. Identify ways that media portrays people

2. Name tools the media uses to skew information

3. Differentiate between reality and what is shown on the media


Think About This First


Having the Conversation


Start Here:

Do you think that the media portrays people realistically?

When do you think people are portrayed realistically and when are they not?

Do you think that men in the media are expected to be a certain way? What about women?

How are people of different cultures and ethnicities treated in the media?

What about LGBTQ people?

What are some of the stereotypes you see most often in the media?



What are some of the ways that the media can misrepresent people?

What are some ways that the media can misrepresent whole groups of people?

What responsibility do you think the media should have in accurately representing people?

Have you ever felt like you or your community was misrepresented in the media? How does the media do this?

What sorts of tools does the media use to create the message that they want?


Keep Talking :

What are some big differences between what we see in real life v. the media?

When do you think that people realize that the media is not real life?

Do you think that there are any ways that the media affects how people live their lives or want to live their life? What are the ways? How so?

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