#79. Safe Ways To Intervene

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Determine if it’s safe to say something
  2. Say what actions they could take


Think About This First

  • Bystander intervention is a key component of preventing sexual violence, and is mostly talked about as a way to interrupt sexist, racist, homophobic language or bullying.


    We can go against the grain of society by standing up in the face of situations where someone is not being treated nicely. Safety is always important but if you’re able to help someone in a scenario that you don’t believe will be okay when you walk way, it may be important for you to say something. Find out more:

    Having the Conversation


    Start here:

    When you see people joking around, what helps you know it’s just joking instead of bullying?

    What is the difference? When it’s bullying or harassment, how can you tell?

    When do you know you need to step in?

    Is there something about the situation, or something you feel?



    What are ways you feel safe intervening or saying something?

    How do you know?

    When would you feel unsafe?

    What could you do to help intervene if it felt unsafe?

    What are the ways of intervening that have worked for you in the past?

    What are things you could say if you wanted to interrupt the situation?


    Keep Talking:  

    Would you say something jokey or serious?

    What do you think would work best?

    What are some ways you could help out the situation indirectly?

    Are there any ways you could help that would be anonymous?

    Can you identify some people or services that you could help you in potentially dangerous situations?

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