#74. How to Support a Friend

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Express empathy for friend
  2. Ask friend what they want for support
  3. Let friend know about available resources



Think About This First

  • It is an unfortunate likelihood that the young person you are talking with will know someone who has been sexually assualted. Knowing how to respond appropriately and supportively is not something we are usually taught - this conversation can help.


Having the Conversation


Start here:

If a friend told you that they were sexually abused or assaulted, what would you say?

What would you really want them to know?

How would you express that what happened wasn’t their fault?

What are some struggles that you think this friend would be going through?



How would you encourage a friend to get support for what happened?

What would you do if your friend was hesitant about seeking support?

What if their idea of what is supportive is different than yours?

How could you encourage them to identify their needs and seek the right kind of support?


Keep Talking:  

What are some ways you could let a friend know about resources that exist that might be able to help them?

What are some ways you could give them the information in a safe way?

How would you balance wanting to share the information but also giving them the opportunity to make their own decisions?

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