#73. Community-Based Resources

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Name three resources for someone who has experienced sexual assault or abuse
  2. Name at least one culturally relevant resource
  3. Say why a culturally relevant resource is important



Think About This First

  • This conversation allows the opportunity to identify resources that would be helpful if someone were sexually assaulted.


    Having the Conversation


    Start here:

    If someone that you know was sexually assaulted or abused, where could they get help?

    Do you know about specific agencies and organizations that help people with this sort of thing?

    Here is some information about places near us that might be useful to know.

    Some people have families and cultures that are pretty open about talking about sex and relationships, and others are really not.



    What do you think are some of the local resources that would be able to help people from a specific culture or community?

    What helps you know that about that organization?


    Keep Talking:  

    Why would it be important for someone to be able to go to a culturally specific agency to talk about something like this?

    What are some ways that it would help to see someone that understands your culture and norms?

    Can you think of some specific issues that affect certain communities more than others?

    What are things in our community that might make it more difficult to discuss certain things?

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