#71. Knowing Who is Reliable

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Say what makes someone reliable
  2. Say who is reliable in their life
  3. Say how they would reach out to someone


Think About This First

  • This conversation allows young people to think about who in their lives are potential resources and who they might think about trusting with important or scary things in their life.


Having the Conversation


Start here:

What are the things about a person that let you know they are reliable?

How would you know through their words and actions?

Are there other ways you’d know someone is reliable and able to be trusted?

Who in your life is most reliable?

Who would you turn to if something bad happened? Does it make a difference in terms of what happened?



Are there things you’d prefer to bring up with one person over another?


Do you think I’m reliable to talk to in certain situations? Why or why not?


Keep Talking:  

What are the ways you could bring up something serious or bad with someone you trusted? Would you talk to them in person or via the phone?

What are the ways you’d feel most comfortable bringing something up?

What are some things you’d like this person to do in order to make you feel less ashamed or embarrassed about your concerns?

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