#70.  Sexting

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Define “sexting”
  2. Say what the state laws are about sexting
  3. Define what their personal boundaries are about sexting


Think About This First

  •  As technology changes, laws regarding crimes involving technology are changing as well. Currently in Washington State, laws about sexting tend to fall under "Sexual Exploitation of Children" laws, formerly known as "Child Pornography" laws.


Having the Conversation


Start Here:

Have you heard the term “sexting” before? What does it mean?

I have understood the term to mean sending sexually explicit texts or photos. Is this how you understand it? How would you define “sexually explicit”?

Do people you know use this word, or a different word?

What do they call sending sexually explicit texts or photos?

Is this a common thing among the people you know? Who usually does this?

I’ve heard of guys sending pictures of their genitals to each other as jokes - how is sexting different than this?

Has the situation ever happened with people you know where someone forwards a photo they have received? What happened in that situation?



Do you know the laws related to sexting?

They are laws that used to be called “child pornography” laws and are now called “sexual exploitation of children” laws. Here (link) is where we can find more information about it. I think it’s important to know the laws about this because people your age can get in legal trouble for sexting under these laws.


Keep Talking:

What are your personal boundaries about sexting?

Have you thought a lot about it before?

Have you ever been in a situation where someone wanted you to send something you didn’t want to? Have you ever asked someone to send something explicit?

Why do you think this would be okay or not okay to do?

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