#68. Victim Blaming and Rape Myths

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Name ways that blame is frequently placed on the victim (rape myths) when bad things happen
  2. Say places they see this happen – in person, on tv, in movies, etc
  3. See through rape myths to place blame where it belongs


Think About This First

  • Rape myths and victim blaming is common in our society - the idea that someone "did something" to deserve being assaulted is heard often, and can sound like "they shouldn't have been dressed like that" or "they shouldn't have gotten so drunk."


Having the Conversation


Start Here:

Have you hear of the term “victim blaming” before?

What have you heard about it? How would you explain it?

What are some ways you have heard that victims are blamed for the things that happen to them?

I’ve heard of people being blamed for rape because they were drinking, or because they were wearing revealing clothing.

What kinds of things have you heard? Where did you hear these things?

I’ve seen it on TV, have you? Have you seen it in the movies? Where else?



What do you know about the term “rape myths”?

They are similar to victim blaming in the sense that they are myths that people think about rape, how it happens, and who should be blamed.

In rape myths, the victim is the person blamed for the rape. What are ways that you’ve heard that happen before?


Keep Talking:

Where should the blame be placed?

What are ways that people could change how rape is talked about so the victim doesn’t get blamed?

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