#63. How Our Actions Influence Others

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Name how they were influenced by older people
  2. Name who they might influence who is younger
  3. Name what they want younger people to learn from them


Think About This First

  • This conversation is an opportunity to have a cross-generational conversation about how people influence us, and allows for thought about how we would like to influence others in life.


Having the Conversation


Start Here:

When I was your age, there were older people who really influenced me - they were: ______. 

They influenced me in these ways: ______. 

Who has influenced you as you’ve grown up?

What are the ways they have influenced you?

How did their influence end up changing how you think about things?



What are the best ways you have been influenced?

Can you see yourself being an influence for younger people?

What would you most want them to learn from you?

If they were going to take away knowledge from knowing you, what kinds of things would you want them to know?


Keep Talking: 

What are ways you can treat people to make sure your influence in their life is positive?

What are ways you’d talk to them and act to them?

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