#62. Bullying v. Joking Around

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Name similarities and differences in how bullying is talked about and handled in current generation & past
  2. Share the differences between bullying and joking around within own community & how they know
  3. Talk about what people used to do and what people do now


Think About This First

  •  This conversation allows for a cross-generational conversation about bullying and how it has changed or not changed over the years.


Having the Conversation


Start Here:

What is bullying?

What is the difference between bullying and joking around?

How does this look in your community and group of friends?

How do you know the difference? What makes it different?



When I was your age, bullying looked like this: ______ .

We also joked around like this: ______ .

The differences I saw were these:  ______.

Are there ever times when people think something is bullying when it’s really just joking around?

What about the opposite - are there ever times when bullying is happening but people think it’s just joking around? 


Keep Talking:

When bullying is happening, what do people usually do?

Do people step in? Who does, usually? What do they do?

Have you stepped in before to stop it? What was your strategy? Did it work?

Have you ever decided to not step in because you felt like you were going to put yourself in danger?

When I was your age, people handled bullying like this: It seems like it’s different in this way:  What do you think?

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