#57. Public Displays of Affection 


This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Say what they think public displays of affection are
  2. Say what amount of affection they are comfortable seeing, and what amount they are comfortable showing
  3. Say how different people may be treated differently for public displays of affection based on how they are perceived (same-sex couple, interracial couple, etc)


Think About This First

    •  What did public displays of affection consist of when you were a young person? What are some ways you think they are different now? What are the ways you could express your own values about public affection while also respecting the views of the person you are talking with?


    Having the Conversation


    Start here:

    What are public displays of affection?

    Who do you usually see showing affection publicly?

      How do you think people react when they see a gay couple showing affection publically?

      Is it okay for people to show public displays of affection in general?



         Does seeing PDA ever make you feel uncomfortable?

        What about it makes you uncomfortable?

        Does showing affection in public feel all right to you?

        Why or why not?


        Keep Talking:  

        Do you think it makes a difference if you are in an opposite-sex couple or same-sex couple? What about if you were in an interracial couple?

        Why would these things affect how people react to PDA? Should it matter? 

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