#56.  Homophobia

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Define “homophobia”
  2. Name three ways they see homophobia in life and online
  3. Name how homophobia can shape harmful attitudes and behaviors



Think About This First

    •  Homophobia was listed as one of the root causes of sexual violence by youth in King County. They stated that homophobia, as a systemic and society-wide problem, influences how people are treated. They listed sexual assault as a way that they, and people they know, have been "punished" for not being heterosexual or a "typical" man or woman.


    Having the Conversation


    Start here:

    What does homophobia mean?

    Where do you usually hear this word?

    Do you think it’s more of an action, or belief, or both?

      How is homophobia something that is individual and also a larger problem?

      What are ways that homophobia exists within laws and policies?

      How do you think homophobia develops?



      If you are thinking about laws, what are some ways that homophobia exists?

      What do you think about that?

      Does homophobia exist in your school?

      How do you see it? What about online?

      I have seen homophobic things online, have you? Where have you seen it?


      Keep Talking:  

      If we have homophobia in laws, how can that shape peoples’ attitudes and behaviors about LGBTQ people?

      What are ways that homophobia can affect people in going to the doctor, filling out forms, going on a dating website, etc?

      What are some ways that homophobia can affect people who want to come out to their friends, family, or coworkers?

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