#54. LGBTQ – How Family Can Support

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Know that a large amount of thought and trust went into the decision to come out
  2. Know that “getting used to the idea” can take a while
  3. Express acceptance and love for the child while sorting through thoughts & emotions



Think About This First

  • What would it mean if a family member came out to you?
  • What would it tell you about how much they trust you?
  • How would you feel about it?



Having the Conversation


Start here:

What are ways that a family could support that person?

How long do you think a person might think about coming out before deciding to come out? Why would it take that amount of time?



It seems like this would be a big thing to get used to, if you are used to thinking of someone as straight.

Lots of times, parents have dreams for their kids and imagine what their lives might be like in the future - how long do you think it would take for them to get used to this new information? Would they change their dreams, do you think?


Keep Talking:  

What are ways that someone could take time to get used to the idea of their child’s identity while still remaining supportive?

Are there things they might say that would be unsupportive?

What kinds of things could they say that would show their support?

Where could they reach out to for support while they get used to the idea?



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