#50. Power and Relationships

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Know what rights come with age in our society
  2. Be aware of how those rights give a person power
  3. Understand what that power might look like, how it might play out in a relationship


Think About This First

  • These conversation questions don't examine other forms of power, like power based on race or class or gender, which are important to consider while talking about relationships and can be included by you.


Having the Conversation


Start here:

Who has power in our society?

What kinds of power do people get as they get older?

What about when someone is 16? 18? 21? What about 25?  



How would having these rights that you get with age equal having more power?

What kinds of power might someone have if they have a job v. someone who doesn’t have a job?

What about if someone lives on their own v. living with their family?


Keep Talking:  

How could someone use the power that they have to control another person in their relationship?

What if one person has a job and an apartment and the other person doesn’t have a job and lives at home with their family?

What are some ways that the person with more power could control the other person?

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