#43. What is Consent?

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Define consent in own words
  2. Know what kinds of things require consent (medical, physical, sexual)
  3. Know about WA state’s age of consent (16) and that there are caveats


Think About This First

  • "No means no" is a very common way people talk about consent - this conversation flips the conversation from the idea that the potential victim needs to say "no" to the fact that it is everyone's responsibility to make sure there is a "yes" for what they want to do.


Having the Conversation


Start here:

What do you think about when you hear the word consent?

What ways have you heard it used before?

Is it the kind of thing you hear about a lot?

If you had to explain it to someone who really didn’t know what it was, how would you explain it?

What are things you don’t really understand about consent?  



Consent is required for different things and we have different laws about them. Doctors are required to get consent from you, and consent is also important in laws regarding sex. Are you more familiar with one of these than the other?

Why would you need to give consent in a medical setting?

Are there other times in someone’s life when you think that consent is important?

What if someone wanted to give you a hug? Can they just assume that it’s okay? 

What kinds of things in your daily life involve consent? (i.e. borrowing things, knocking on someone’s door, sharing food)


Keep Talking:  

The general law in our state is that the age of consent, when people can give permission to have sex, is 16. There are still restrictions on the older person, though - here they are in this card.

Did you know about these already?

Why do you think that coaches, bosses, and other people in authority couldn’t have sexual contact with a 16 year old?

What does power have to do with this?

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