#40. Alcohol & Drug Use and Decision-Making

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Discuss how alcohol & drug use impairs decision-making ability
  2. Understand how alcohol & drugs could be used as a way to lower boundaries & inhibitions
  3. Understand that “getting someone drunk or high” is not a valid option to get someone to have sex with you


Think About This First

  •  Alcohol and drug use is frequently tied to sexual activity. Think about places you have seen this in the media - what movies, TV advertisements, or magazine ads have you seen that show this?
  • This conversation focuses on not using drugs or alcohol to get someone to have sex with you, rather than "watch your drink" or similar messages. Sexual assaults are frequently facilitated throught the use of alcohol or drugs and it is important for all young people to know that consent cannot be given when someone is intoxicated.


Having the Conversation


Start Here:

What are some things that drugs and alcohol does to a person?

If someone is drinking or using drugs, what are some things they might feel?

They might have lower inhibitions - what does that mean?

They might have impaired decision-making skills - what does that mean?

Do you think people would always make the same decisions if they are intoxicated that they would if they were sober?

What would make their decisions different?



Have you ever known anyone who has regretted a decision they made while under the influence?

I do, here is an example: 

I’ve also seen it in the media, have you?

What do drugs or alcohol have to do with sex?

If being intoxicated can make someone’s inhibitions lower, how might a person use drugs or alcohol to get someone to have sex with them?

What do you hear most often about drugs and alcohol being used in sexual assault?

Why would drugs or alcohol lower inhibitions about sex?


Keep Talking:

If someone has sex while under the influence but wouldn’t make that same decision sober, that can be considered rape.

If someone wants to have sex with someone else, what are ways they could approach the situation instead of using drugs or alcohol?

What are some safe ways someone could choose to use drugs or alcohol?

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