#4. Communicating Your Boundaries


This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Be intent to respect their own boundaries
  2. Bring up the subject of personal boundaries and express their boundaries
  3. Share ways they discuss boundaries


Think About This First

  • How do we communicate our boundaries to others? This conversation gives us a chance to think about how we communicate our boundaries, and when the best time is to talk about boundaries.


Here's a webpage, that will help you understand the importance of boundaries and what they look like in a healthy relationship. No one is the same and this is simply to serve as a tool in having a conversation about boundaries with your partner.

Having the Conversation


Start Here:

What are the ways that you show your boundaries in life?

Are there certain things you do or say that let people know about your boundaries?

When would you be most likely to say something about your boundaries?



Do you find that it’s easiest to communicate about your boundaries before someone crosses a boundary or after it’s happened?

Are there times when it seems not as important to bring up your boundaries?

Are there times when talking about your boundaries would feel like overkill, or like making it a big deal?

What do you do if someone doesn’t respect your boundaries even after you’ve confronted them?


Keep Talking:

How have you had success in the past with bringing up boundaries?

Are there things that have made it easier for you?

This is something that has helped me: _______

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