#36. Birth Control Decisions

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Understand personal responsibility regarding birth control
  2. Name at least two different types of birth control
  3. Know at least two places where birth control can be accessed


Think About This First

  • This conversation deals with not only information about birth control, but also includes discussion about personal safety and responsibility.


Having the Conversation


Start Here:

What are your thoughts about birth control?

Where do you mostly hear information about it?

What are the kinds of things you hear?

When do you think someone should consider using birth control?

Does it matter what their gender or sexual orientation is? Why or why not?

When you think of birth control, whose responsibility is it to make sure it is available and used? Whose responsibility should it be?

When two people are having sex, do you think they should agree about using birth control or have a plan for using birth control before having sex?

How do peoples’ values affect their thoughts about birth control?



I’m sure you already know this but what are the different forms of birth control?

Condoms and the pill are two really common forms - when I was younger, these kinds of birth control were really often used __________. What are the kinds of birth control that people are talking about now?

Where are the places that a person could get birth control? If you didn’t know, who would you ask to find out?


Keep Talking:

Do you think access to birth control encourages people to have sex? Why/why not?

Do you think your peers would view/treat someone who uses birth control differently? Why?

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