#34. How I Made Decisions About Sex (Parents/Adults)

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Share values and norms that went into decision-making
  2. Share how they feel now about the decisions
  3. Express what they think are important things to consider – values etc.


Think About This First

  •  This conversation is designed for parents, guardians, or supportive adults to share their own experiences with decision-making around sex and intimacy.


Having the Conversation


Start Here:

I knew I was ready to have sex when.... 

Here are some things that influenced my decision-making:

Here is what was considered normal when I was your age:

How are these things different now for you?



Here is what I thought then, and here is what I think and feel now about the decisions I made:

The values that helped me decide were...

Are there any differences or similarities between my values then and your values now?


Keep Talking:

Here are things I think you should consider:

This is why I want you to consider them:

What questions do you want to ask me?

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