#27. Breaking Up

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Say why someone might want to break up with their partner

  2. Know ways to say that they want to end the relationship

  3. Know ways to be polite while breaking up



Think About This First

  • We know that most relationships that young people have will not last their entire lives, which makes it important to discuss breaking up.


Having the Conversation


Start here:

reasons why someone would want to break up?

Are some reasons better than others?

What are some things that you would want to break up over?

If someone was going to break up with you, how would you want them to tell you?

What are ways you wouldn’t want to be broken up with?

Text, email, etc?

If you were going to break up with someone, how would you want to do it?



What kind of support would you want if you were going to break up with someone?

How could your friends & family support you?

How do you think you could be most clear when breaking up?

What do you think is the most polite way to break up with someone?


Keep Talking:  

What are times when you wouldn’t worry about being polite when breaking up?

What would you do if the other person wanted to keep talking about it, or if they said they didn’t agree to break up?

How would you handle it?

What if the other person promised to be a better partner if you stay together?

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