#25. Good Relationships


This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Think about others’ relationships constructively
  2. Say why they think a relationship is good or bad
  3. Name positive aspects of someone else’s relationship


Think About This First

    •  It could be true that the young person you are talking with does not personally know any people in a good relationship. You might prepare for this possibility by thinking of relationships you know and having examples ready.


    Having the Conversation


    Start here:

    Whose relationships do you see often?

    People at school? Friends? Family? Celebrities?

    What do you notice about their relationships?

    What agreements and boundaries do they follow?

    What things seem like they work pretty well?

    What things seem like they don’t work so well?

    Do the people in the relationships notice these things that you notice, too?



    When you know a relationship is bad, how do you know?

    What things do you see? What things do you hear?

    When you know a relationship is good, how do you know?

    What things do you see? What things do you hear?

    How much does gossip play into someone’s relationship?


    Keep Talking:  

    Do you think that it’s possible to ever know if someone’s relationship is good or bad?

    Why/why not?

    What are some positive things you see in other peoples’ relationships?

    Have you ever thought about things you’d want in a relationship that are similar to someone else’s relationship?

    What are they?

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