#23. What is Important in a Relationship


This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Name three things they want in a relationship

  2. Name things that are mandatory v. not mandatory

  3. Name things that are deal breakers in a relationship



Think About This First

    •  Relationships, and thinking about dating and romance, is a big component of being a young person - it is developmentally appropriate for young people to think about dating and romance, and having conversations about relationships can help provide opportunities for young people to think about what they want.


    Having the Conversation


    Start here:

    What are the things that appeal to you most about being in a relationship?

    What sounds most fun about being in a relationship?

    What would be a benefit about being in a relationship?

    What would be a benefit of not being in a relationship?



    Are there things that you require in a relationship, like respect, shared interests, etc?

    What are qualities that are mandatory for you from a partner?

    What are things that would be a benefit to have in a relationship, but not required?


    Keep Talking:  

    What things would make you change your mind about being in a relationship with someone?

    What are things that you won’t accept from a relationship/partner?

    What behaviors are deal breakers for you in a relationship?


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