#18.  Trustworthiness

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Say what trustworthiness means to them
  2. Name actions that show trustworthiness


Think About This First

  • Trustworthiness is an important component of a friendship or relationship. This conversation helps guide discussion about determining trustworthiness.


Having the Conversation


Start here:

What does trustworthiness mean to you?

How do you know that you can trust someone?

Who do you trust? What makes them trustworthy? Is there one person you trust more than anyone? Why?



If someone is trustworthy, how does that look in your relationship?

How will a trustworthy person treat secrets?

What would a trustworthy person do if they found out something dangerous, abusive, etc?

Do you trust people right away?

Should you automatically trust someone or do they have to earn it?


Keep Talking:

How long does it take to earn trust?

Is earning trust different for family than friends?

How can someone earn back trust if they lose your trust? Does it matter what happened?

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