#13. Family Support

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Name what is supportive and unsupportive within a family
  2. Hear what parents/guardians think is supportive and unsupportive
  3. Name other places they receive support in their lives


Think About This First

  • This conversation encourages thinking about where support exists within their lives.


Having the Conversation


Start here:

What are some ways that you feel supported in your family?

What are some ways you wish your family supported you?

How much support and what kind of support is ideal within a family? Why?



What are ways you try to offer support to your family members?

What are some ways you offer support that are not noticeable?

What are some ways that you feel like you don’t offer enough support?


Keep Talking:

What kind of support do you get from friends in your life?

What kind of support do you get at school? In other activities?

Do you think you get a different kind of support from your family, your friends and your teachers? Why is that?

Who are people who give you a lot of support right now?

Who do you support? How do you show that support?

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