#97 Child Pornography & Laws
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 5:46PM
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This Conversation Will Help You…

  1. ability to understand what is considered child pornography
  2. ability to say where they might come into contact with that kind of thing
  3. understanding not to ask for things/keep things/share things that could be considered child porn



Think About This First




Having the Conversation


Start here:

What is the difference from pornography that is about “teens”?

Where are the places that people might encounter porn?

Where are the places that people might unintentionally find porn?

How would this happen, do you know?



Do you think it’s still considered child pornography if a young person makes it? (it is)

What are some ways a person could avoid accidentally running into porn or child porn?

Have you heard of young people being charged with making, having, or distributing child porn? Has it happened to anyone you know?

Do you think this is the same arena as other child porn that is made by adults?


Keep Talking:  

Do you think that it’s fair that someone can be punished for taking pictures or video of themselves?

If someone sent you something that could be considered child porn, what would you do with it? What would you recommend to someone if they were going to take a picture or video and send it to their partner?

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