#94 Safety: Things You Already Do
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 5:43PM
[Your Name Here] in Technology, internet, social media

This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. ability to define safety (by situation and by environment)
  2. ability to state what safeguards they use on their computer and phone



Think About This First



Having the Conversation


Start here:

Do you have tips for me?

Are strategies different based on if you know the person or not?

When you’re using the computer or phone, what are some basic safety things that you have in place or always do automatically?



Where did you learn about these things?

Do they feel effective to you?

Are there things that happen that are creepy or bad even after you’ve taken precautions?

How do you pick people to chat with online or instant message?

Does it matter if you know them already or if they’re someone you haven’t met?


Keep Talking:  

What places does it feel okay to meet new people online?

Does it matter if your friend introduces you?

Are there certain topics you won’t discuss with someone online?

How do you avoid talking about things that are too personal or disturbing?

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