#88 Violence in the Media
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 4:08PM
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This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Say where they see violence in the media and what kinds of violence
  2. Knowledge of the amount of violence young people see
  3. Say how they see violence in the media impact people and how they act
  4. Say how they would like to see violence in media – amount, type, what is okay?


Think About This First

How does violence in media affect our interactions with one another? The large amount of violence featured in media impacts us beyond the surface-we start to see each other less worthy of respect and love. There is no coincidence that many acts of violence throughout history and presently, have been acted out of fear. As technology becomes more advanced, there is a lack of effort in interaction with our fellow citizens of the world. The documentary “Skewed” presents an honest perspective while answering the aforementioned question and expands the area for critical conversation regarding violence in media.


Trigger Warning: Violence 


Having the Conversation


Start Here:

What are places you typically see violence in the media?

Are there some things that you know in advance will be violent?

What kinds of places do you expect to see violence?

What are some places where you are not expecting violence?

What types of violence are the most common for you to see?



There is this statistic by a professor named Diane Levin that says that young people are exposed to 100,000 acts of violence by time they leave elementary school. Did you ever hear that before?

What do you think about this? Does it seem realistic to you?

Would you have guessed the number would be higher or lower?



Keep Talking:

What are some of the ways you think violence in the media affects how people act?

How much do you think violence in the media affects what people accept in regards to violent behavior?

Do you think it makes violence more normalized?

Do you think it affects how people view other people and how they can treat each other?



If you could reduce the amounts of violence in the media, where would you reduce it?

Would you have different standards than what already exist?

What do you think would be the number of violent acts it would be okay for kids to see as they are growing up?

Are there certain things that you do to avoid violence in the media?

What would you suggest to someone who wanted to avoid seeing violence?

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