#81 Media Literacy 
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 3:57PM
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This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Name three ways that the media creates messages
  2. Understanding that every part of a media message is created on purpose
  3. Knowledge of how to analyze media – 2 or 3 short steps


Think About This First


Having The Conversation


Start Here:

Have you ever studied about the media? Here is some information that I was looking at.

It talks a lot about how the media creates messages. There is a lot that goes into it - which of these things did you already know?

Which things were new to you?

Were any of the aspects of how media is created surprising to you?



What are some things in commercials that people might not notice?

It’s interesting to think that every piece of media is created that way on purpose and that every decision is on purpose. Does this change how you view media?

What have you noticed since learning about this?

How will this affect how you view media in the future?


Keep Talking:

What are some ways to analyze any piece of media?

Which things do you think it would be easiest to analyze?

Do you find yourself analyzing media more now than you did before?

What kinds of things do you notice?

What are the things that pop out to you the most?

 What things do you think are most important to look for when analyzing media?

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