#8. How Do You Know You're Ready?
Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 5:09PM
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This Conversation Will Help You…


    1. Define personal values about readiness
    2. Understand that people have different values
    3. Read your body/gut
    4. Share values with others in a respectful way


      Think About This First


      Having the Conversation


      Start Here:

      How do you like to make decisions? How do you know you are ready to do something?

      What does your decision-making process look like?

      Does this process look different when it comes to sexual or intimate things?

      What are ways that deciding things related to sex would lead to a different kind of decision-making process? How do your values play into making decisions about sex and intimacy?



      When something feels right to you, how does it feel?

      Do you have emotions about it? Do you feel things in your body? Do you feel things in your mind?

      What about when something feels wrong to you?

      What are the signs in your body and mind that you would have?


      Keep Talking

      You know that not everyone has the same values. What are things that you would want to talk about with someone else before making a decision about sex or intimacy?

      How much does the other person’s values play into your decision?

      How would you talk about your values if you knew that your values were different?

      What are some ways you could make sure you were being respectful while talking?

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