#72. How To Ask For Help
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 5:26PM
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This Conversation Will Help You…


  1. Name safe people to reach out to for help
  2. Express needs or concerns and to ask for help



Think About This First


Having the Conversation


Start here:

If you felt unsafe or experienced sexual violence, do you have people you would turn to?

What makes them safe?

Do they know that you would feel comfortable going to them with this kind of information?

What sorts of things feel serious enough to seek help from others?

What kinds of things in a relationship would make you want to reach out?



What about health-related things?

Do you have a good idea of how you would know if you needed to reach out to someone?

What would you feel?


Keep Talking:  

How would you express what is going on to someone else?

What would you do to make sure you said what you needed to say even if you were uncomfortable?

What would make this type of conversation easier?

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